Thursday, March 24, 2011

Me 29 Thursday March 24

Good day today... I did 3 hundred sit ups...I worked out to my Turbo Jam CD and I went to yoga.  I had accupuncture done.  Yes needles in my ears.  Seeeeeee!  Look closely at the ear.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me 28 Wednesday

My friend DL is not going to let me get away with laziness today.  We will hit the Duke Wall today at 4:30. I'm sooooooo not feeling this. I wasn't the only one...
DL's dog Trevor was so lazy she had to drag him to make him walk.  He and I only made one lap.  1.7 miles.  We went down.  Of course DL was fully energized.

Me 27 Tuesday

200 sit ups today.....Okay...How about I have to get my closet organized.  My rack fell to the floor with all my clothes....Picking up and sorting is the only exercise I got today. 

Me 26 Monday

Today was a quiet day.  I did 200 situps.... Resting after 5 mile walk.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Me 25 Sunday March 20


My piggies getting ready to walk. 

Me and Wolly Bull.  The Durham Bull's Mascot.
I am one quarter of the way to my goal of 100 me's. Day 25 and still working hard.   What can I say I participated to end hunger on Sunday at Duke University during Crop Walk..  Thousands came out to walk.  My friend Marquita, her friend Reverend Parker and her grandchildren Angel and Lindar walked togethe.  We walked until we were exhausted.  I got a blister on my left foot.  It was an amazing day.  I did three hundred sit ups.  I walked a total of 4 point 8 miles. I was moved by the swell of people and the love so many shared to end hunger. 

Me 24 Saturday March 19

I walked around the neighborhood....Yes the hood....I sas some beautiful nature scenes...Check it out.  I did 300 situps today.  Yes....

Me 23 Friday March 18

Not much activity today 300 situps. That's all folks.  Getting ready for Crop Walk on Sunday. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Me 22 March 17 Thursday

Yoga Yoga Yoga.
I did 300 situps today and of course I went to yoga.  My friend DL and her sister Tipahny went withe me.  You have to love those Underdue girls.  My yoga instructor Donna took us to the limit.  I have a crick in my neck from elongating.  Wow.  I'm gone die... I'm gone die... I'm gone die.  My stretching is improving.  Good day today.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Me 21 March 16 Wednesday

I did 500 sit ups this morning. I want to up my game a little higher.  When I walked with my friend on Tuesday.  I felt stronger.  I didn't have the sensation that I was out of breath the way I did when I first started walking.  I'm doing more and I feel the difference.  Praise God for health and strength. 

Me 20 March 15 Tuesday

This was indeed a good day for exercise.  I'm so proud.  I rode my bike for 20 minutes.  I walked 3.4 miles with my good friend DL and her dog Trevor.  I also did 3 hundred sit ups.  I have made it to 20 me's.  WOW.  This is the most consecutive exercise I have done in years.  GOOOOOOOOO  Kimberley!!!!!!  Join me and let me know what you are doing for 100 days. 

Me 19 March Monday 14

Another day of riding the bike and situps.  I did 300 situps today and rode the bike for 20 minutes....Yes!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Me 18 Sunday March 13

I was very quiet today.  I only did my 100 situps. I got on the scale and I'd lost 6 lbs...Yes.

Me 17 Saturday March 12

Today I did 300 situps.  I also read  Essence Magazine's March edition.  They have a Slim Down Challenge going on.  The magazine instructs you to go to Essence dot com for more on Dr. Ians's workout, Kacy Duke's work out and for Donna Richardson's workout.  I looked every where and I could not find anything on the Essence site about exercise.  It is a hot mess trying to find it.  Angela Basset is on the cover of the one I'm talking about.  I only bought Essence because they had information about the challenge on the cover....BOOOOOO Essence.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Me 16 Friday March11

I did one hundred sit ups this morning.  I rode the bike for 20 minutes.  I think I'll walk this afternoon.  The weather is supposed to be nice.  Friday Friday Friday.  Get out and enjoy some fresh air if you can. 

Me 15 March 10

Yoga yoga yoga yoga....
I love it. I went to yoga class today and when I got home I tried to do some of the moves.  Check me out doing   downward dog and a back stretching exercise.  I like Me 15.  Oh and I did my 100 sit ups.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Me 14 March 9

I did 100 sit ups and I rode my bike for 20 minutes.  I must admit it is so hard dragging myself out of bed in the morning.  I try to hit the deck at 5:45.  That gives me a few minutes to get myself together before 6:00 to get to what ever exercise I decide to do.    I want to quit so bad....I think this the most I have stuck to any exercise program in 17 years.   So much pressure.....On to Run A the end of April.  I always have to keep my goal in sight.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me 13 March 8

I wanted to show my sit ups technique.  I ended up showing the ceiling and my toes.  Ha. Ha. Ha Ha

Me 12 Monday March 7

I rode my bike for 15 minutes and did 300 sit ups today.  This is a hump day for me.  I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or something.  I have congestion, a sore throat and my head hurts.  I can't get sick...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Me 11 Sunday March 6

I did 300 sit ups today. And that's all. It was a day of fasting, praying and laying on the couch. I didn't eat from sun up to sun down. I didn't exercise because I just wanted to take it easy if I wasn't going to eat. Anderson did the fast with me. God bless.

Me 10 Saturday March 5

Today is a great day. I have completed the first leg of my One Hundred Me's journey. Today is me 10...YAY.......I did 700 sit ups today. I walked around the neighborhood and I did my new yoga tape. Can you say hard work. Look at my hat. Everyone hates it. I got it from a yard sale. It screamed my name when I saw it. GOOOOOOO Kimberley! Let me know when you start your 100 day journey.

Me 9 Friday March 4

I did my 200 sit ups today. I also road the bike for 20 minutes. What else.... oh I went out and bought a yoga tape. I'll start that tomorrow. It will be Me 10. A very hard day.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me 8 Thursday March 3

Today I still didn't make it to the Duke Wall. I did however make it to yoga at the CAARE Center in Downtown Durham, NC. It's FREE from 3 until 4 on Thursdays. Donna Fulcher is the instructor. She is AWESOME! She tells us to forgive our selves, love ourselves and thank ourselves. She also is patient with where we are in the practice. In the practice....Listen to me. This is my second class. I did 2 hundred situps today. Yes.
My friend Nancy went to yoga with me. We both we challenged and happy to finish.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Me 7 Skipped Out

I have to amend my post from early this morning. I did not go to the Duke Wall. I went to the CIAA tournament in Charlotte instead. My husband called me up for a date and I was out. I'm glad I road the bike this morning.....and did situps.. We didn't get home until 2 a.m. Great date. I had a stankin' good time.

Written earlier today........

Today was brutal getting out of bed. I had cramps in my legs all night long. I was not feeling my exercise plan this morning. I did my 100 situps and rode the bike only ten minutes. I'm walking the wall at Duke University this afternoon. I hope someone can come along with me. It's hard out there alone.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Me 6 Tuesday March 1

I'm running quite an unusual race at the end of April called RunAmuck.... Organizers describe it this way:

This is the RunAmuck Mud & Music Fest! The Mud Run is a unique and incredible 5K run with terrain and obstacles that can include hills, river crossings, walls, obstacles and MUD PITS. It's happening at Creek Park15700 Needwood Lake Circle, Rockville, MD 20855 (Map It)Date: April 30,2011

I took to the track at North Carolina Central University to walk-run to start my hard core training for my race..I was trying so hard. I did complete 2 and a half miles before it got to dark.

Today I also did 20 minutes on the exercise bike and of course by staple 100 situps + 100 more.

Join me.

Feb 28 Good Food

I cooked the chicken using my favorite George's Barbeque Sauce...Yum.

I roasted the chicken and the veggies at the same time. I sprinkled a little salt and pepper on them and coated them with olive oil.

Me 5 February 28

You may think that I don't do the situps that I say I do. Well here's proof. my body looks elongated here. My photographer is my reluctant husband. I 'm really short but here I look like I'm flat and round at the same time. I did 2 hundred situps today. I also rode the stationary bike today for 20 minutes. I must up my game. I'm starting a 14 day south beach eating plan tomorrow. (Note I didn't say diet.) No bread, sugar or pasta. This is my second list to keep track of.

I cooked some good food today...Roasted chicken and veggies to get me started. 14 days is a long time. Pray for me.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Me 4 Feb 27

Here I am at home. I didn't go outside today at all I was a couch potato. I did my 100 situps without fan fare. It took me 4 trys to get this pic. Man my phone camera sucks when it comes to taking self portraits. You have to position your index finger just right.

Me 3 Feb 26

Thanks so much Victoria. I appreciated your help the most.

Me 3 Feb 26

Me 3 Feb 26

Me 3 Feb 26

I did my 100 situps and YOGA today....This was a good day. I met so many people. Thanks to Victoria Bowden, Carla Stewart Forte, Donna Fulcher and Joy Mickle for taking such good care of me. I loved my day.

Me 2 Friday Feb 25

Here I am at work. I dropped down and did my 100 situps in this outfit. I'm going to a yoga class tomorrow at Patanjali's Place in Durham. I'm going to see if this form of exercise is for me. The session honors Black History Month and features African American instructors from the Triangle.

Me 2 Friday Feb 25

This is a picture of the ceiling I took while flat on my back doing my 100 situps for the day. I decided that I didn't have to always be in a gym or at home to knock them out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Me 1 picture

This is me 1. And for the life of me I could not get this picture to sit up right. My husband begged me not to put this picture up...but I could not resist. I look a hot mess. That's what exercise does to you. It breaks you down.

This is my starting point. Here's to getting better and better. Start your 100 day journey and share it with me.

me 1

My husband found this exercise bike outside of someone's house. They threw it out as trash. One man's trash is another man's treasure. I rode for 20 minutes this morning after I did my 100 situps. This is from me 1.
I'm starting out on a new adventure today. I'm calling it one hundred me's. My goal is to move more. I've promised that I will do at least 100 situps a day. That's my base. I'll also incorporate other things into my day like walking and running (gasp). The old saying is that if you do something enough times it becomes habit. I want exercise to become a habit for me. Follow me and move more yourself.

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